USBA Rules

  1. Minimum of 8 male players, 18-years-old or over, are required to play a game. If any team is found in breach of this rule, team will be fined $150 and game will be forfeited. The USBA committee will determine the possible suspensions from the offending team.
  2. Opposing team MUST supply a catcher to a team if it has only 8-players.
  3. No player can be added to batting line up after the completion of the 2nd inning (before the first pitch of 3rd inning)
  4. No substitution or re-entry allowed.
  5. After 1 pitch has been taken by a player batting out of order in a lineup and is realized by the other team or an official of the USBA the player up to bat will be an out and the rightful player in the lineup will go to bat.
  6. If a player is injured during play and cannot continue then he will be skipped in the batting lineup and not deemed as an out.
  7. Game UMPIRE is the ultimate authority in the park. Any appeal to an Umpires decision must be made in an email to the USBA Committee within 24 hours of the infraction or the infraction will be negated.
  8. Any play resulting in an Umpires decision to eject the player (s) will be an automatic next game suspension for the same player (s) for the first offence. The Player (s) will be made aware of their future suspension lengths by the Committee.
  9. Any ejected/suspended player(s) must leave the park immediately or their team shall forfeit the game and the player will receive additional suspension. USBA Committee will review all Umpire ejections and may add to the suspension period. Repeat offenders may be suspended from future games or season. Suspended players are not permitted at the fields, if seen at the field the team will receive a forfeit.
  10. Scorekeeper or a Committee member present at the park may serve as witnesses to the facts of a dispute. Scorekeeper must be informed with the intent to lodge a complaint and/or appeal before the end of the game or it will be negated.
  11. The USBA Committee will convene to hear the appeal. The hearing must be attended by the appellant/agent on Thursday Night at 8 PM on a conference call. Failure to attend the hearing shall negate the appeal.
  12. Each Captain of the team must identify themselves to the Umpire before the start of their game or wear a visible C on their shirt. Only a Captain is permitted to discuss an Umpires call with the other Captain and the Umpire. Umpires decision is Final during the game.
  13. All teams must have their uniforms by last Sunday in May.
  14. All players uniform has to be same; a player without uniform cannot play. If players are playing without jersey, fine of $100 will be playable for each player. Every player must have a unique number to play. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $100 for each player, payable before next game
  15. If a game is appealed due to the jersey rule, appeal must be made before start of 3rd inning. Player(s) without jersey must be removed from game or appealing manager must agree to allow player(s) without jersey to play. Also when filling out the score sheet the team must fill out the name and number of each player.  
  16. No profanity, in any language, shall be tolerated. A team has the right to place a grievance with the Umpire if profanity was uttered in any language including English. Umpire may warn and/or expel the player(s) from the game/park. USBA Committee will review all Umpire ejections and may add to the suspension period. Repeat offenders may be suspended from future games or season.
  17. USBA supports a commitment line.
  18. Anticipation is acceptable but lead-off is forbidden.  Runner(s) may leave a base only if the ball is hit, crosses home plate or hits the ground. Anticipation rule is in effect.
  19. Sliding is permitted except at Home plate.
  20. A maximum of 3 courtesy runners are permitted during a game. Any player can be a courtesy runner.
  21. A 3 home run differential is in effect. Exceeding the limit is an OUT.
  22. A pitched ball must have a minimum height of 6 feet and a maximum of 12 feet, as per the judgement of the Umpire.
  23. Only baseball hats, worn in proper manner, are permitted during the game.
  24. In the absence of an Umpire or Committee Member, two team Managers will mutually decide upon the person responsible to Umpire the game.
  25. Grace period of 10-minutes from listed time will be observed before a game is defaulted.
  26. 5-run mercy rule is in effect in every inning from 1st inning to the 6th inning.
  27. Only 7th inning is Open or the final inning called by the umpire. Game can not end during an inning.
  28. Third strike foul is an out.
  29. If a batted ball hits the mat or the plate it will considered a dead / foul ball.
  30. If a team is leading by 15 runs or more, the 5th inning will be the final inning.
  31. No new inning shall start after one hour and fifteen minutes.
  32. A Win is two points, Tied games are one point, a Loss is zero points.
  33. A forfeit is a loss of 10-0. The winning team players are credited with 1gp while NONE of the players from the team that forfeitted gets gp credit.
  34. A 24-hour advanced notice is required if a team is to forfeit a game. Failure to notify will result in a $150 Fine. The Fine must be paid by the team before its next scheduled game or the next game shall be forfeited for an additional Fine of $100.
  35. Managers are responsible for throwing away all litter/garbage in and around the dugout at the end of each game. Failure to do so will result in a $75 fine. Stat keepers will note which teams are responsible
  36. Home plate is part of the strike zone. Player must stand on home plate to make an out at home. No player can be tagged out at home plate. Player will be called out if he touches the home plate or strike zone matt while coming around to score a run.
  37. A minimum of 12 games are required for a player to play in the playoffs.
  38. The criteria used for tiebreakers are: Points, Wins, Run Differential, Head to Head.
  39. Regular season rules apply for End of the season tournament. All players must have uniforms and only players with minimum of 12 games are allowed to play. If any team is found in breach of this rule team will be fined $300 and will be dismissed from the tournament.
  40. Any player on a team roster, may not play on any other team past week 3. Any changes made to a roster must be approved by the committee prior to week 3.
  41. Batting lineup must be submitted before start of game and not in the middle of the first inning.
  42. Complete game is 5 innings: All games will be deemed as complete after 5 full innings of play. Which ever team leads at the end of the inning will be proclaimed the winner. If the score is tied, then both teams will receive a point. An inning is complete when the home team (team batting second) has completed all 3 outs. If the game is called off before the 7th inning is complete, then the score after the 6th inning will be used to determine the winner.
  43. A player must play a complete game to have 1 GP credited. See complete game rule above
  44. Rainouts: Any games cancelled or stopped due to weather conditions will be deemed as a tie. Unless 4.5 innings have been completed. The home team leading after 4.5 innings or if the away team is up by 6 they will be proclaimed as the winner. An inning is complete when the home team is up to plate. If the game is called off before the 7th inning is complete, then the score after the 6th inning will be used to determine the winner.
  45. Illegal player: Any player(s) who has not played a minimum of 12 regular season games will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs/tournament. If any team is found in breach of this rule team will be fined $300 and will be dismissed from the playoffs/tournament.
  46. Any player or players involved in the consumption of any drugs or alcohol near the playing area and its surroundings, that player or players shall be suspended and the team will be fined $100. The team that this player or players belong to will be put on probation until further notice.
  47. Pitching/pitching mound: Pitchers will use the furthest mound in USBA play. Both feet must remain behind the marker even after the pitcher has completed his pitch.
  48. No smoking on field and dugouts. If a player(s) is seen smoking on the field or dugout, the team will be fined $100
  49. Any questions regarding stats should be emailed to committee within 5 days after game stats has been updated.
  50. Pictures: the USBA will require a team picture or individual pictures from all players. All teams are required no later then the 3rd week to have them submitted to us.
  51. USBA committee has final say on any league matters/rules that are not explicitly listed on this page. Rules are subject to change without notice by United Softball Association to maintain the integrity of the league.


NSA Canada Altered Bat Suspension Policy

The USBA has always trying to provide stringent test procedures and rules to ensure the safety and integrity of the game of Slo-pitch but there are always players, coaches and outside agencies who will do their best to get around these rules. The rules were implemented to keep our participants safe and to make this game the safest it can be. With the word “SAFETY” in mind, the USBA will not tolerate anyone who would, in any manner, put our participants in peril. If any official of the USBA suspects that a bat has been altered, they have the right to inspect that bat, even if it has been inspected by another official or officials. They will also have the authority to suspend any player found to be in possession of an altered bat.

The offending player(s) will have two choices:

1. The player(s) can allow the USBA representative to inspect the bat and the USBA representative can reach a conclusion as to whether the bat may have been altered or,

2. The player(s) can refuse to allow the representative to inspect the bat and take an immediate Three (3) year suspension from any and all NSA Canada play with no right of appeal.

After allowing the USBA representative to inspect the bat and the representative has decided that the bat may be altered then the player(s) will have the following two (2) additional options:

A. The player(s) may allow the director to send the bat to the NSA Canada’s Head Office, then NSA Canada will send the bat to the manufacturer for a final determination on whether the bat is altered or,
B. The player(s) may accept an immediate one (1) year suspension without the right of appeal.

During the time of the examination of the bat by the USBA/NSA Canada and/or the Manufacturer, the suspected offending player(s) may continue to play pending the findings from the Manufacturer or a final decision of the USBA. If the Manufacturer determines that the bat has been altered, the USBA may suspend a first time offender no less than one (1) years and no more than three (3) years. The USBA will also keep the illegal bat and a fine of $500 will be payable to the USBA by the offending team. The length of the suspension is at the sole discretion of the USBA. A suspension decision may be appealed to the USBA in writing or in person. The player(s) may not play in any USBA/NSA Canada sanctioned events while their suspension is under appeal. A second time offender under this altered bat suspension process will receive a lifetime suspension.

The responsibility for knowing whether a bat is altered lies solely with the user and/or the owner of the bat. If an individual uses a bat in the USBA or is the owner of a bat that is brought into a USBA game, any suspensions will be imposed without regard to what the individual knew about the bat being altered. An individual must know that his/her bat is not an altered bat if he/she brings one into a USBA game. If not, the individual can be suspended from any and all USBA/NSA Canada activities. The fact that the individual did not know that the bat was altered is not a factor in imposing any suspensions. The question is only whether the bat is altered or not.

A bat is considered altered when the physical structure of the legal bat has been changed in any way, or when an illegal or non approved bat has been made up in such a way as to appear to be a legal bat. Some examples of altering a bat are, but not limited to, the following: Painting a bat, replacing the handle, shaving the handle or barrel, changing the taper in any way (such as by sandpapering), the use of mechanical or manual device to simulate normal wear, applying a solvent to the surface such as fingernail polish remover, removing or replacing the plug in any way other than factory repairs, removing or replacing the knob, changing the knob in any way, removing or adding anything to the inside or outside of the bat other than the legal way to tape the bat as specified and appropriate in the NSA Canada Rule Book.

** Please note, the use of a flare or cone grip does not constitute an altered bat for purposes of this suspension policy but it still makes a bat altered for game play per Rule 3, Section 1, sub-section k of the NSA Canada Rule Book.

A team, player or coach may protest a bat during play so long as they adhere to the restrictions of Rule 11 in the NSA Canada Rule Book. Bats may be protested only during play and only by participants of the game being played. The fee for the protest of a bat is $400, payable to a USBA representative at the time of the protest. This fee is refundable to the protesting team, player or coach when and if the protest is upheld, less a handling fee of $50 to cover the expenses of testing and shipping the bat.


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